Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Ouch! Gracie's First Bee Sting :(

I can't believe the first pictures I'm posting on my blog are after my daugther got stung by a stupid stupid bee twice! I bring her in the house to put 'ice' on her leg and 5 minutes later she gets stung by another bee on her arm that was inside her jean jacket. She's such a trooper. She was surprisingly in good spirits shortly afterwards and decided licking the bag-o-peas was a lot of fun! Of course I had my camera nearby so I snagged a few. Had to share this moment.


David said...

Welcome to the Blog world! Can't wait to see you succeed :-)

alena7 said...

dear beth,
me and casey love the picture of grace licking the pea bag!!!!!!!!

p.s.(this is Sarah)