Sunday, January 6, 2008

Baby Blues

I have really slacked on my blog lately, but what do you expect when it's winter?! Well I can't really say it's winter when it was like 50 something today. Makes it hard to cross-country ski without snow!

Just wanted to share a few recent favorite pics of my two babies. I'm amazed at how much Gracie's eye color changes from different lighting. I took the first pic in our kitchen using natural light from our skylight and 3 front windows. Gorgeous...

They have a great bond, can you tell?


Lori said...

Hi Beth! Lori from Dayton :) Just stopped by to say "hi", nice imagages, adorable little girl.


Joel W. said...

Cute shots. The second is perfect. I wish I had images like this with all of my past pets :)