Monday, April 7, 2008

Senior Session - PTHS

What a beautiful night we finally had in the 'Burgh' last night....and what a fabulous senior session Miss R and I had! We visited a few locations, used the gusts of wind to our advantage and entertained some passer-bys who questioned what we were doing :). This was part 1 of 2 sessions. The next session will be more edgy down on the strip district, I can't wait!! And Miss R will *fingers crossed* have no braces....whoo hoo!!

I'm currently not accepting any more senior reps from PTHS...unless you have some insanely awesome story of why YOU should be my rep. I'm all ears. If you're interested in this program or would like more information on senior sessions, please contact me.
Here's a sneak peak:

This is my favorite :)

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David Burke said...

Beth! I am so proud. You rocked these!! Keep em coming :-)