Saturday, August 9, 2008

no tv. no internet. no phone

....that was my day yesterday! Gracie was in the middle of watching Little Bear, compliments of On Demand, when the power went out. No biggie, it came back on in less than 20 seconds but somehow it blew our cable connection which also affects our phone. SO....I wanted to post 8 cool websites (in honor of yesterdays date) I visit or just found, but didn't get around to 8 before the power outage corrupted everything!!

Enjoy 6:

1. ETSY. Check out this sellers store: I'm going to purchase the apple tree picture or perhaps the custom family tree for my living room wall.

2. I saw this product in my Rachael Ray's doggie bag carrier that clips on the leash....for the inevitable.

3. speaking of Rachael Ray...I'm not a fan of the show, but ironically I love her magazine and visit her site frequently for dinner inspiration.

4. CafePress....gotta get me one of the "I shoot people with my Canon shirts!"

5. I'm a sucker for graphic tee's and love this one from Darling Mummy. Unfortunately if I were to buy a $32 t-shirt I'd get something on it before I walk out the store (or hit purchase!!) ;)

6. Pandora. I'm the worst, WORST, at remembering who sings what song...and Pandora continually gives me a "So THAT's who sings that song!" kinda moment. Currently I have a mixture of stations that include Aaron Shust, Matchbox Twenty, Miranda Lambert and the Goo Goo Dolls.

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