Saturday, August 2, 2008

Try this and get back to me::

According to recent research at the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute, cell phones are exposing our bodies to harmful electromagnetic fields. They suggest not using your phone in places like a bus so you're not exposing those around you....

so next time the person behind you in line is on their cell phone, tell them "I'd like to reduce my exposure to cell phone emissions, could you please call them later?"

The study also suggests not wearing our cell phones on our bodies OR at least pointing the key pad down to reduce the exposure. Evidently, we're just frying our bone marrow by wearing it on our hips.

Now, if you're still with me...the study also said when talking on your cell phone to switch sides regularly! That struck me funny.

And at the very end of this article it suggested looking for a cell phone with low SAR, LIKE the Motorola V3x. Too bad I just signed a 2 yr. contract with a Motorola Q9.

So, what do you think? I'm one to always find this sort of thing funny at first. I do know that the UoP is awesome (my diploma says so) and I trust their research is top notch. Just curious what they'll say next.

I guess we could all use some more::

image on bus taken by Frederic J. Brown of Getty Images. Thank goodness because I can't read the sign in the background.

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