Monday, May 12, 2008

Our Dirty Hairy Child

As I walked around the house the other day putting miscellaneous toys, clothes and sippy cups back to their rightful place...I noticed Miao (my-o) was following me everywhere. This wasn't unusual behavior as he's a needy dog always seeking your approval and attention. However, he was whining and he NEVER whines. I turned on the vacuum and chased him around the house (not literally, but he does his best not to act whimpy when it's on) hoping he'd stop. No such what do I do? I open the sliding glass door and tell him to "GO PLAY!"

3 hours later he's still at the edge of our backyard in the woods looking at the ground as if the dirt was the most amazing thing he'd ever seen.

alas, the pictures from his adventure....and mine:

I love a wet lab :)

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David Burke said...

The Top Left Image in the "After Shots" is KILLER!!!!