Friday, May 30, 2008

Dirty Dogs Welcome Anytime!

Noone likes the smell of a dirty stale dog. I think Miao would prefer to stay that way sometimes, but I know deep down he loves all the scrubbing and undivided attention. So undivided Gracie always manages to overflow her tiny hand with a fountain of shampoo before I notice. Totally awesome.

Anyways, I'm telling you all of this because I just stumbled across Woody's Dog Wash & Pet Boutique located in South Park. Gracie and I made a visit to the shop on Tuesday to meet with the owner, Ann Cipriani. Inside they have 4 large bathtubs with trays for smaller dogs (and even cats)! All the cleaning agents are conveniently located above the tub and it works just like a car wash. Choose your cycle and start washing your way to a shiny clean dog! They even have brushes, rubber aprons and of course lots of absorbing towels on hand at each tub.

Stay tuned for more information. Ann and I are planning to put together a fabulous event :).

Woody's also carries lots of goodies. Treats are on the adjacent wall.

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