Friday, May 2, 2008

Shoot & Learn

Last night I went to David Burke's first Shoot & Learn mini-workshop. I love hanging out with other photogs and talking shop! I walk away happy and more energized to go out and create beautiful images. And it doesn't hurt if you end the night at Mineo's Pizza either :). Have you read my bio??!! Photography, People and Pizza....what a perfect night!!

So, Vic calls me later in the evening and says "hey babe! You outta shoot Bridget and put it up on your blog that it's Cameron Diaz. You'll be famous!"

So here's that shot...I'll let ya know when I'm famous:

using the alley light

Little "B"...Gracies new buddy ;)

some soft backlighting...

***I've been MIA for a while on my blog, but I'm back with lots of to share! I'll be posting regularly so check back often :)

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