Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Signed - Sealed - Delivered

As the UPS truck made his way up our driveway, there I stood patiently in the garage decked out a pair of unmatching jammies and barefeet. Stylish. If I wasn't so excited to run upstairs and rip open my package I probably would have caught the nice gentleman giving me one of those up and down looks.

If you haven't read my other posts this is the book I put together to display at the Animal Rescue League's gala this Friday night. I designed all the pages and kept it very simple and clean. The quality is outstanding! Product pictures on the otherhand... not my thing!!

opening page:
Pages lay beautifully flat
sample layout page
full page print-love it love it love it!!


amie said...

pretty - may i ask who you used?

rocketbear said...

Beautiful work, Beth!! That come out awesome!!