Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Wanting More: Charlie Walker

I've been wanting to blog about Charlie for months now. Procastination? Not really. Lack of words to adequately tell the story? Yes. I'll do my best:

Charlie is my cousin and growing up was my best friend. I'm so thankful for my mom who carried around the trusty polaroid capturing our days together that are now perserved in a scrapbook. My mom would make us a "tent" from a cardtable and blanket complete with an endless supply of cheese crackers. I can still hear our voices as we shouted out in laughter "cheesy please-y!" The evenings were spent a little something like this:

Now that he's ready to kill me for putting that on my blog...something a little more current:

Charlie is an uber talented musician who played 247 gigs in 2007! I know one day I'll be able to hear him on the radio but for now I'm just trying to get him to Pittsburgh. Visit his myspace page and listen to "Jim in a Bottle" and "Wanting More." Loudly. And then again, but this time move a little! lol. I'm still waiting for Charlie to release my favorite song that he so graciously played for me in my mom's basement....brilliantly it's just waiting to be heard by all....ohhhhh Chaw-lieeeee?!?!

It's awesome to see where we both are today in our careers, faith, and just life in general. My family rocks. Thanks for letting me share a little slice of it with you.

While you're over at myspace be sure and check out Tim Kilroy who designed the poster above and Jake Roth Photography who does the majority (if not all) Charlie's pictures. I would love to be in front of Jake's camera someday...probably a little more modestly...

*note* I'm not a myspacer; rather a facebooker.

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