Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Crumpler Bags

I upgraded to the 7 million dollar home! If you're a photographer and your not familiar with Crumpler Bags, go check them out (They have bags for laptops too). You might remember my 5 million dollar home from an earlier post which was great until I moved more stuff in.

Crumpler quality rocks. Everything is top notch: zippers, stitching, padding, extra storage, and need I say looks. What I love most about this bag is I can carry it across my shoulders...which is a MUST for me.

I almost went with a Shootsac, but decided that would make a good present! (hint hint, honey)

I chose black this time so it blends with my outfit on wedding days. more exciting news on that later :)

I love the small pocket in the front for putting all my personal goods

a look on the inside. It holds a ton of gear.

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