Thursday, September 25, 2008

Erin Vey | Anywhere

Erin Vey-one of my favorite dog photographers-is giving away a free photo session to one lucky winner anywhere in the US.

Taken from her blog:

We are looking for an intriguing story that demonstrates the incredible bond between dogs and their humans - a story about how your dog(s) has touched your life, enriched your family, become your best friend, or even saved a life!

I will not be entering the contest but I will never forget the day we got our dog:

Miao was on the "sale rack" when we got him. He was 4 months old and already 40 pounds; not the little fluffy lab puppy most wanted. We loved his big head and paws so we wrote a check and loaded him into my then Hyundai hatchback. The breeder assured us he wouldn't pee in the back seat. 10 minutes later she was a liar and we were lost asking for directions at a gas station. And so it began...

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