Sunday, September 7, 2008

Wall Portraits

I have been on a mission lately to create a large picture wall in our living room. I've come up with several different layouts from the extremely complicated--I mean I'm not the one who will be doing the hanging so who cares right?!--to the simple, sleek and elegant look. Well I stuck with what I know...SIMPLE!
(brownie points for me whoo whoo)

I follow photographer, Tara Whitney, on her blog who started doing OPAM--one project a month. I might start OPEOM--one project every other month...BUT it's a start and that's gooood! I will be sure and share my living room wall project when it is complete in Tara Whitney fashion. (thanks for the inspiration TW)

Anyways, I captured a few of Gracie and Miao today after church::

Our poor baby has Kennel Cough (doggie cold) and sounds horrible. I thought he had something stuck in his throat by the sounds of his "coughing", but it turns out that it's the common sound of KC. He wasn't up for posing, but I got him while he was resting in the yard.

I think 90 of the 95lbs is his head. Ain't he purdy::


Sharon Miller said...

These are both so cute. They're similar in that they both have their head tilted the same way and they're both smiling. :)

Rowlen Photography said...

Your Dog is Beautiful. Great Capture!!!